Tourney on the Turf 2019

The 12th Annual Tourney on the Turf will again be held at Boettler Park in Green, Ohio on August 5, 2018.

4 Divisions! Kicks off at 10:00 am!

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The 12th Annual Tourney on the Turf will again be held at Boettler Park in Green, Ohio on August 5, 2018.  First serve is at 10:00am.  

Divisions include:

Coed 6s, Rec level
Coed 6s, B to BB level
Coed 4s, B to BB level
Coed 4s, A to Open

The minimum number of girls is 2 in all divisions.

Cost is more on a per-person basis.  It's $25 for each player (only $20 for high school students).  Everyone gets a tournament t-shirt!  There are prizes for the winners in each division.

Remember, all proceeds from the entry fees, our sponsors, the concession stand, raffle prizes, and even your cash donations go straight to the beneficiary!  Your generosity has made this tournament a huge success for over a decade!!!

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Need more info?

Chad Kelly 330-333-1198 (text)
Rachel Roukey 330-618-3513 (phone)
Matt Weiss 330-703-8246 (phone)

Registered Teams

Upper 4s

Cool Like AC
Dartmouth Dons
Gray for Cal
Hits Don't Lie
Mave's Team
Team Gabe
The Chovan One's

Upper 6s

Block it like it’s hot
Cal's Crew
No Lead is Safe
Raise the Net
Really Tall People Plus Scott
Serve N Turf
Sofa StinKing Good
Team Hillary
Team Tracy
Volley ballers Too
VolleyFreak Revisited
Who Gives a Hit

Lower 4s

Duck Knuckles
How I Set Your Mother
Kelly Insurance
Show Me You TiPs
Spike it or not
The Volley Lama
Usual Suspects
Yo mama's

Lower 6s

Block This
Sand Crabs
Six Pack
Staff Infection
Sweet Hits
Team Fun
The sewer rats
The Spike of Life
Volley Llamas


Aubree McDermitt is a four-year old young lady who lives in Springfield, Ohio with her mom, dad and six siblings.

Last summer, Aubree started experienceing severe fevers and after a number of doctors' appointments and trips to the ER, the family learned that Aubree had Stage Four Neuroblastoma, and she was admitted to the Oncology floor on October 31, 2017. Since her diagnosis, Aubree has been making regular visits, every other week to the hospital. She has undergone a surgery to remove a tumor and continues to receive chemo to fight off what the surgery did not remove. This year's Tourney on the Turf is an event to help raise money for Aubree and her family.

Thank you for your help in making this event a huge success. See you on the grass!

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