Tourney on the Turf 2019

The 13th Annual Tourney on the Turf will again be held at Hardesty Park in Akron, Ohio on August 4th, 2019. A second tournament will be on September 8th, 2019 at Boettler Park in Green, Ohio!

4 Divisions! Kicks off at 10:00 am!

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The 13th Annual Tourney(s) on the Turf on August 4th, 2019 will be held at Hardesty Park in Akron, Ohio on August 4, 2019. The second tournament on September 8th, 2019 will be held at Boettler Park in Green, Ohio.   First serve for both tournaments is at 10:00am.  

Divisions include:

Coed 6s, Rec level
Coed 6s, B to BB level
Coed 4s, B to BB level
Coed 4s, A to Open

The minimum number of girls is 2 in all divisions.

Cost is more on a per-person basis.  It's $25 for each player (only $20 for high school students).  Everyone gets a tournament t-shirt!  There are prizes for the winners in each division.

Remember, all proceeds from the entry fees, our sponsors, the concession stand, raffle prizes, and even your cash donations go straight to the beneficiary!  Your generosity has made this tournament a huge success for over a decade!!!

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Chad Kelly 330-333-1198 (text)
Rachel Roukey 330-618-3513 (phone)
Matt Weiss 330-703-8246 (phone)

Registered Teams - August 4th, 2019 at Hardesty Park

Upper 4s

A bunch of people with some affiliation to Erie, PA.
Cool As AC
Meow Mix
No shirts No problem
Off in the woods
Summit Sports and Social
The avengers

Upper 6s

Flannigans Pub
Good Co.
Grey 4 Cal
I dink I love you
Jerry's Kitties
No Lead Is Safe
Really Tall People Plus 2
Sweet Hits
The Big Spank
The Volley Llamas
Volleyland Zombies

Lower 4s

Bag of Coins
Brandy's Sassy
Dig This!
Mexican Mafia
Pizza Friend
Serves you right

Lower 6s

2-Ball Surprise!
Just The Tip
Love at first Spike!
Rough Sets
Staff Infection

Registered Teams - September 8th, 2019 at Boettler Park

Upper 4s

Upper 6s

Lower 4s

Amish Mafia
Serves you right
The one with volleyball

Lower 6s

Fighting Beavers
High Voltage Spikes
Just the Tip !!
Kiss my ace
Saint Mary's Catholic High School


Jackson was a perfectly happy, healthy 2-1/2 year-old little boy until one day in October, 2015 when that all suddenly changed. That day, Jackson woke up from his nap inconsolable due to excruciating belly pain, which he was experiencing for the first time. After rushing him to the ER, then insisting on further testing, he was ultimately diagnosed with Stage 4 High Risk Neuroblastoma; a very aggressive form of pediatric cancer. At the time, he had a large, primary tumor on his vena cava, as well as smaller ones in both his liver and gall bladder. By the time he showed his first symptom and the cancer was discovered, it had already metastasized to his bone marrow, lower skull, jaw, pelvis, and both legs. His prognosis at time of diagnosis was very grim.

However, Jackson fought hard for the next year and a half while going through six rounds of intense chemos, tumor recession surgery, multiple rounds of radiation, two stem cell transplants, and multiple rounds of antibody therapies. During the course of these treatments, he was declared NED (No Evidence Of Disease), as there is no true remission from Neuroblastoma. Jackson was considered 'cancer free' when he ended his treatments in Akron in February, 2017.

After finishing his frontline treatments in Akron, Jackson was transferred to a hospital in Columbus in February, 2017 in order to participate in a two year trial there that was intended to hopefully reduce chances of and/or eliminate relapse. Unfortunately, just a few months shy of completing this trial, Jackson began having increasing back pain, which ultimately led to the devastating news that Jackson had relapsed in his Central Nervous System. In a matter of just a few short months, he had developed two tumors within his spine, as well as multiple clusters of Neuroblastoma cells throughout his central nervous system, including on his brain and around his ear canals. While the relapse rate is incredibly high for children with Neuroblastoma, less than 10% of those who relapse do so in their Central Nervous System. At this point, his prognosis was even more grim than when orginally diagnosed and Jackson had a very, very steep uphill battle in front of him.

Immediately the family transferred Jackson to a hospital in New York where there were actual Neuroblastoma specialists, who founded and were heading a trial specifically for children with Central Nervous System Relapse. So at the end of April, 2019, the family was finally able to head to New York, where mom and Jackson will be "living" for the next few months while Jackson participates in their trial and where he will go through additional treatments to try to completely rid him of any remaining Neuroblastoma cells.

This year's Tourney on the Turf is an event to help raise money for Jackson and his family. Thank you for your help in making this event a huge success. See you on the grass!

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