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At Kelly Insurance Agency, your experience is our top priority. The "old way" of shopping for insurance was nothing more than a waste of your time. You'd spend hours hunting for the lowest rate only to watch it increase a few months later.

You're in the right place now! We'll handle all of the quoting for you. You give us your information in about 5 minutes and we'll eliminate that hassle and waste of time for you. With company-direct contracts from more than ten different carriers, not only will we find the best rate for you, we can also give you expert information about how stable that rate is and how well the company historically does taking care of customers when you need them most.

Your experience begins here. Yes, this online form will gather your license numbers and some other questions that might have you wondering. The form does ask every question that could give you a discount and only questions that will help up to quote it perfectly. At Kelly Insurance, we do our best work after getting to know you-- that will give you fast results that are customized for exactly your situation.Would you rather chat with us about it? Feel free to call. We'd love to hear from you. 330-929-3056